"One Good Conversation can shift the direction of change forever"

- Linda Lambert

Societal issues have reached a climax in South Africa. We are beyond hashtags. Our country is in dire need of positive role models, solution finders and most importantly – impact. Society’s biggest issues deserve the most talented minds.


Introducing Table For 7,
The Cause Conversations

Seven guests, including disruptors, experts, leaders and change-makers and host Jessica Tims, connect to discuss and solve a key societal issue. It’s about collaboration and innovative problem solving while educating, raising awareness and creating actionable impact. 

The conversations take place via an online webinar livestreamed to Facebook Live and focuses on a specific cause each time. The dialogue between the 7 guests are honest, open and raw, where diverse opinions are encouraged.

Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters.

– Margaret Wheatley –

How you can get involved

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Youth Unemployment

22 July 2020

Environment / Sustainability

19 August 2020

Gender Equality

23 Sept 2020

The Power of Storytelling

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